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How coaching can support employee wellbeing

By Simon Worth | 6 January 2020 |

Challenging times I had a short stint working in the motor industry a few years back. The company I worked…

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And breathe …..

By Simon Worth | 8 November 2019 |

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable to sit or lay down. Try not to cross your arms or legs. Take a…

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Do you feel buried under pressure? Then walk

By Simon Worth | 7 November 2019 |

When we feel buried under pressure at work, stop everything and take a walk, however short. Outside and inside are…

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Do you ever doubt yourself? It’s only natural to have a wobble!

By Simon Worth | 17 September 2019 |

From time to time we can all have one of those moments where we have a wobble. Where we doubt…

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8 simple, yet powerful tips to achieve your goals

By Simon Worth | 13 August 2019 |

It’s the smallest changes that often have the biggest impact. We can all find it challenging to achieve the goals…

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Myths and misconceptions about Life Coaches

By Simon Worth | 9 August 2019 |

There are a number of popular myths and misconceptions around what a life coach is, what a life coach does…

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How to achieve a winning performance in sport, work or play

By Simon Worth | 1 August 2019 |

STAYING IN CONTROL OF YOUR GAME Whether your focus is on sports performance, your career, winning a contract or another…

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My journey to coaching

By Simon Worth | 26 June 2019 |

I’m passionate about helping people achieve all that they want, and to help manage challenges in their lives. There’s a…

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Good Daily Habits

By Simon Worth | 11 June 2019 |

There are some good daily habits we can all follow, which help to maintain positive wellbeing and also help us…

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Managing Stress – Where to focus your energy

By Simon Worth | 10 June 2019 |

When I have multiple things going on in my life that are causing me stress and worry, I find it…

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