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Do you ever doubt yourself? It’s only natural to have a wobble!

From time to time we can all have one of those moments where we have a wobble. Where we doubt ourselves and what we’re doing. This can be particularly common when you work for yourself, work alone or work from home.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve really struggled to get through my daily tasks. I’ve been trying to do everything at the same time, losing focus and as a result not really felt like I’ve been achieving anything.

It’s important not to beat yourself up when this happens. It’s okay. I honestly think it’s part of the creative process!

Finding the right listening ear

What I find helpful is to have a chat with someone. Sometimes just saying things out loud can provide understanding and clarity on a problem. I’ve definitely found working with a coach myself useful, as it not only gives you someone to be accountable to, but it’s also helpful to talk to someone not emotionally involved in the way we are, when it’s our own situation.

Finding the right space

It’s also important to look at your working and creative environment. If you like being with people and feel energised by them, then sitting at home at your desk perhaps isn’t the most beneficial location for you. This is something I’ve noticed. I find that I feel more creative and energised when I am with or around other people, so it helps me to work from a coffee shop for example.

Aligning your actions to your goals

This can be a particular challenge when you work for yourself. When you start your own business, you envisage doing the things you’re passionate about, and sometimes forget you have to actually run the business. Create a sales and marketing plan, do your bookkeeping, create a website, manage your social media pages and profiles. It can feel like you’re constantly busy without actually doing the one task you’re passionate about!

Reviewing your goals

When you feel a wobble, try to simply accept it and not judge yourself, or beat yourself up. Take the opportunity to rethink what it is you are trying to achieve. Look at your goals and the tasks you’ve defined to achieve them. Are those goals still the right ones for you? If they are, then great. If not, create new ones.

And believe in the process. Ultimately achieving your goals is about hard work, consistency, working smart and refocussing on the things that will help bring your vision to reality.

(In any case, I loved jelly when I was a kid. Jelly wobbles, so wobbles can’t be bad!)

If you need someone to talk to, to help you create your vision and goals – and to plan the tasks needed to bring them to reality, then please get in touch for a free, no-obligation chat about how I can help.


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