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Good Daily Habits

There are some good daily habits we can all follow, which help to maintain positive wellbeing and also help us to get back to a more positive place when we’re struggling for energy or motivation.

1. Keep a gratitude diary – This can be as simple as “I’m grateful for this beautiful sunny day” or specific to individuals that we have in our lives. Basically anything we have or experience that helps us to feel more positive.

2. Create a playlist of songs that help you to feel positive or energetic can get our mojo going. Songs that we associate with good memories, or make us feel like getting up and dancing or singing can really help lift our mood and energise us.

3. Getting out in nature for a walk, run, cycle, even if for only 10-15 minutes can really help our wellbeing. Be present, look around you, take deep breaths.

4. Meditation – there are so many good apps that have anything from 2 minute to 8 hour meditations! Even if you only have time to close your eyes, take a deep breath in over 3 seconds, and then let out slowly over 3 seconds and repeat 2 or 3 times, can be enough to help with relaxation, stress, or anxiety.

5. Create tasks for the day ahead – this can help give us focus and provide us with a target. But rather than writing a “To-Do” list, diarise the tasks.

6. Exercise – this can really help us to feel more positive and to energise us. There are great parallels to life, where you can set yourself goals & work towards them, eg. working towards a 5k run, lifting a certain weight etc. Having purpose and achieving goals can help massively towards experiencing more positivity

I hope the above has been helpful. Are there any things you do on a daily basis that help you maintain or create positive wellbeing? Let me know.

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