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Would you like to see an increase in productivity, a reduction in staff absenteeism and those within your organisation performing at their best?

For any business or organisation to be successful, it is really important to have a team of people who are clear on what it it they are trying to achieve, and a plan on how to achieve it.

Getting as specific as possible around their individual targets and deliverables helps them to focus, be productive and ultimately increase productivity and the success of both the individual and organisation as a whole.

Understanding their wider goals and aspirations, both within the organisation and in their personal lives, can help them to feel motivated, that they are working towards something they want to achieve and have purpose.

Within 10 months of starting work with a client where I provide a combination of Performance and Wellbeing Coaching, the client has seen a 42% reduction in staff absenteeism through stress and anxiety, and has seen an 12% increase in productivity.

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Wellbeing Coaching

Have you ever had a period of time at work where you struggle to focus or concentrate due to something creating stress or anxiety? Perhaps a meeting didn't go too well, perhaps a disagreement at work or at home before coming into work, health issues, financial challenges, family challenges, relationship challenges, all these things can affect our energy, motivation, our ability to focus and concentrate and as a result productivity and performance can drop, and staff absenteeism can increase.

Having someone to talk to, an outlet, someone who can help you see the challenge clearly, the outcome you want to achieve and help you to create a plan to manage or overcome the challenge, can really help people to feel valued, supported and nurtured. It can be easier to regain happiness, focus and to perform.

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If you would like to get the best out of your staff, your teams and the individuals within them, then coaching can help.