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Mental Fitness and Motivation for athletes and their support teams.

Supporting you to fulfil your potential and create a life and career you feel proud of


Hi, I’m Simon, the founder of Worth Talking, set up in 2018 to help athletes and their support teams be free to explore and connect with their true self and develop the confidence and clarity to pursue their future on their terms.

We work together to enhance mental fitness, define personal goals and build professional confidence.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You work or operate in a sporting environment. You feel you have the potential to excel and to create a happy, fulfilling life you feel proud of but that something keeps getting in the way. 

There’s some stress, self doubt and a fear of failure which can feel paralysing. 

You know you’re capable of more but confidence is low, you’re not sure how or where to start.

Here's what I think

The key to unlocking your potential and creating the life you want for yourself and those around you is inside you.

It’s not an external thing, a championship, job title, a salary, or a dream home.

It starts by building your relationship with yourself and creating a mindset and a way of being that breaks the cycle of self doubt and unfulfillment. We create you as the foundation for success in every aspect of your life.

I created Worth Talking to help you feel free to explore who you are and who you want to be, and support you to discover, define and create  your own version of success.

Our mind can be our best friend, but it can also be our worst enemy. By mastering your mind we can build and develop the life you want to live and to become the person you want to be. The best version of you. 

It’s time to enhance mental fitness, define personal goals and build professional confidence. 

It’s time to adopt a new way of being.


Simon came to MediServices in January 24 to run a half day wellbeing workshop for the staff. The event was very well received and the feedback from the team was positive. The team talked about events that could lead to increased stress and would fill their 'stress buckets' and coping mechanisms that they could use from their 'resilience backpack' amongst other things. The morning was inciteful and helped to strengthen the team bond. Simon is very easy to get along with and works with you to put together a relevant programme. We are looking forward to our next workshop later in the year!

Louise Palmer

Business Operations Manager | MediServices Healthcare Ltd

Before I started working with Simon I was struggling to clear the fog in my head and see things clearly. Our coaching sessions have enabled me to offload what’s going on in my life, clear the fog and feel like I am in control again. There are many people in my life that "hear" what I have to say, there are very few the truly listen to what I have to say but Simon hears and discusses everything with you and therefore helps clear paths in the thinking process.

Seeing Simon is often the highlight of my week, I feel comfortable talking about anything and nothing is off the cards.

Shaun Chittendon

Technical Director | iTinyK Ltd

Simon has proved to be a breath of fresh air as a professional coach for me! His unique approach is empathetic, while at the same time gently challenging as well as following what I would describe as a logical format.

He has the knack of bringing out the best in people while helping you learn what needs to be done to move you forward towards your goals.

Coming from a technology background and having been involved in sports enables Simon to work with me in a use of time. And being involved in sports, we both played rugby at a local club level, which means that we both understand how working together on the same project motivates people.

If you are looking for a coach that doesn’t sound like they have just finished a coaching course, then Simon fits the bill.

Tony Shepherd

Managing Director | Christian Doppler Consulting

Simon is a wonderful person to sit and talk to. His knowledge of assisting with getting a clearer view of your goals and working through obstacles in the way are invaluable on a personal and corporate level. Simon has been a great asset in helping the team at iTinyK with their individual requirements.

Joanne Chittendon

Managing Director | iTiny K Ltd

Simon has a gentle, encouraging and supportive nature where his empathy really comes to the fore to help Motivate and inspire you to unlock your fullest potential in life. Highly recommend

Evie Whitehead

Business Owner | Evie Nutrition

I recently completed a business/management course and through this I was given one to one sessions with Simon as my business mentor. Simon is so friendly and easy to talk to and he helped me to overcome a few situations that our business was facing. He also coached me with my personal development to utilise the skills that I have and supported me in having the confidence to develop new skills for the future.

Nicola Copeland

Practice Manager | Cherry Court Dental Care

I have known Simon for a very long time and he was the first choice for me when a client asked for some coaching. They were looking to bounce back after Covid lockdown and create incremental growth in revenue and overall well-being. Simon helped create action plans for each of their employees and through 121 sessions, track against those plans.

The results have been amazing +16% increase in overall well-being, +12% increase in Productivity and -46% reduction in anxiety/stress related absence.

It’s always a risk when taking on someone to work with your own clients but I never had any doubts about Simon. His approach is collaborative, compassionate and constructive. A very knowledgeable and supportive guy and I will continue to use him as and when the need arises.


Craig Ing

Managing Director | DMG Ltd

During lockdown I experienced a number of major transitions in both my personal and professional life, which left me feeling lost and low in confidence. I reached out to Simon to help me process my anxiety and tackle the challenge of growing my new business under the most difficult of circumstances.

Simon sought to understand my situation and helped me come up with actionable solutions that kept me moving towards the business and lifestyle that I wanted.

Throughout the process Simon has been authentic, empathetic and non-judgemental when I have needed to offload my stress, as well as an insightful sounding board as I progress towards my personal and business goals. He helped me identify and prioritise the main pain points in my life/business, using Motivational Maps and Personal Development coaching, so that I could set meaningful goals to work towards.

In the months since I started working with Simon I have stabilised my personal finances, achieved clarity on my business direction and reclaimed some self confidence.

Emma Suckling

Working with Simon has given me a clear direction and helped me focus on what's important in my life. The motivational map exercise was very revealing and insightful, it helped me understand myself better. The regular coaching has reduced my stress levels and given me a toolkit of techniques that will be used throughout my life.

Steve Boyce

Managing Director | CLD Ltd

I’m was in a place, mentally, that I never thought I’d be in. A colleague me put in touch with Simon. After I number of one to one sessions I can honestly say I’m feeling back to normal again.

Simon was a brilliant on each session. He listened intently and provided a different perspective which undoubtedly helped me rationalise why I was feeling like I was.

Once I got my head around why I was feeling like this he gave me the tools to help me get back to my old self.

I can’t thank Simon, enough.

Rob Brindley

Senior Claims Manager | UKDP Ltd

Simon has been supporting a member of our staff for the last 3 months and has helped them to get back on track and feel in control again. Simon is compassionate and non-judgemental and can really help you if you are struggling

Sarah Gadeke

Managing Director | Norwoods Accountancy

I wanted to thank you for the great service you offer to our team at Right at Home. Having staff that feel valued, supported and nurtured can boost employee wellbeing, team morale and increase productivity

I can really trust in you Simon and the work that you carry out and I recommend you to my friends, family, clients and owners from other Right at Home offices.

Shaun Macae

Managing Director | Right at Home Care

Christian Doppler
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One to One Coaching

I help athletes and sporting communities to: 

  • Enhance mental fitness
  • Define & achieve personal goals
  • Build professional confidence
  • Overcome stress and self-doubt
  • Be free to discover  their unique journey and their own version of success.
  • Fulfil their potential and create a future they can feel proud of.
  • Create the next chapter after change or challenge

Positive Intelligence® 6-Week Foundation Course

Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at insight and don't build habits. Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires consistent daily practice. And that's what our PQ®  programme empowers you to do.

How it works:

  • App Based
  • Daily Practice - 15 mins per day
  • Weekly Focus - Hour long video
  • Measurable Progress
  • Community Support 
  • Weekly group call (max 5 people)
Accredited Licensed Practitioner high-res-LP-300x218

Motivational Maps® Reports & Debrief Sessions


  • Personal Development
  • Individual & Team Performance
  • Individual & Team Appraisals
  • Recruitment & Retention of Staff

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Enhanced self-awareness, to increased motivation and performance
  • Improved engagement and productivity
  • Better career and recruitment choices and selections

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