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Realise your potential, achieve your goals and overcome obstacles

  • Do you feel like you have yet to reach your potential?
  • Are you going through a major life change, such as divorce or relationship breakdown?
  • Are there changes you want to make to your life, but you don't know how or where to start?
  • Do you feel there are things holding you back that you are putting up with right now?
  • Does your life feel out of balance, out of control?
  • Are you struggling with feelings of stress, anxiety or depression?
  • Do you feel that you have no-one to talk to, no-one to listen?

Supporting you through Wellbeing coaching and Life coaching

Modern life has become increasingly challenging for so many of us, especially recently. As a result, it’s increasingly common to experience periods where your mental wellbeing is not quite as good as you would like it to be.

Issues such as stress, anxiety and depression can be manageable for some, but for others, they can become all-consuming, affecting every area of your life. 

They can be challenging times in your personal life with divorce, relationship breakdown or parental struggles; or difficulties at work relating to being bullied, overlooked or overworked. Whatever it is, the weight on your shoulders can feel like it’s too much to bear. It can completely control and consume your thoughts, feelings, choices and actions.

When your mental wellbeing suffers this badly, it can feel like your outlook is bleak. You may struggle to see a way out or any sign that things may change in the future. So I am here to tell you that I’ve had similar thoughts and things can always get better!

Unlocking your true potential

Together we will work to create a vision of the life you want to live, the goals you have for yourself, your business or your family. We will then look at your current situation, so we then have a starting point and a destination.

After that, we clarify your values, who you are and how you live your life, and then create the actions you need to help you achieve your goals and ambitions and overcome any challenges you may be facing.

Empowering you to live the life that you’ve always wanted!

One of the most effective ways of overcoming problems is to set goals, so you know what you want the end result to be. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need some steps in place to help you to get to that point.

My approach is one of understanding, compassion and care. I will really listen to you, find out who you are, and try to understand exactly what it is you’re going through. I’ll do this by creating a safe, non-judgmental space where you’ll feel free to truly open up.


I asked Simon to engage his abilities with a new rugby team I was coaching. Straight away he built up a great rapport and trust within the squad. Each player felt confident to express their ideas…. Simon’s skills allow a multitude of possibilities to develop. I highly recommend his skills and style. The players are excited for the next visit at Newbury Ladies at Monks Lane.

Simon has an ability to listen, advise and “nag” in just the right quantities. When I approached him for some assistance in dealing with a mixture of direction for my business and client pressure, he listened to what I had to say and brought out the key issues. Based on what he heard, he gave me some advice on how to deal with the issues and stood up to the ‘I’ve tried that before…’ response that all of us business owners tend to default to. A series of regular calls enabled him to ask whether the agreed approaches had indeed taken place or been put into action. Of course, the difficult ones hadn’t. But his gentle pressure forces the hand and once action was taken the issues began to become more controllable, as he said they would.

A great guy to chat to!

During lockdown I experienced a number of major transitions in both my personal and professional life, which left me feeling lost, alone and low in confidence. I reached out to Simon to help me process my anxiety and tackle the challenge of building my new business under the most difficult of circumstances.


Simon seeks to understand my situation and helps me come up with actionable solutions that keep me moving towards the business and lifestyle that I want.


Throughout the process Simon has been authentic, empathetic and non-judgemental when I have needed to offload my stress, as well as an insightful sounding board as I progress towards my personal and business goals. He helped me identify and prioritise the main pain points in my life/business so that I could set meaningful goals to work towards.


In the months since I started working with Simon I have stabilised my personal finances, achieved clarity on my business direction and reclaimed some self confidence.

Simon has proved to be a breath of fresh air as a professional coach for me! His unique approach is empathetic, while at the same time gently challenging as well as following what I would describe as a logical format.

He has the knack of bringing out the best in people while helping you learn what needs to be done to move you forward towards your goals.

Coming from a technology background and having been involved in sports enables Simon to work with me in a use of time. And being involved in sports, we both played rugby at a local club level, which means that we both understand how working together on the same project motivates people.

If you are looking for a coach that doesn’t sound like they have just finished a coaching course, then Simon fits the bill.

– Tony Shepherd, Managing Partner at Christian Dopplar Consulting Ltd

I’m was in a place, mentally, that I never thought I’d be in. A colleague put in touch with Simon. After I number of one to one sessions I can honestly say I’m feeling back to normal again. Simon was a brilliant on each session. He listened intently and provided a different perspective which undoubtedly helped me rationalise why I was feeling like I was. Once I got my head around why I was feeling like this he gave me the tools to help me get back to my old self. I can’t thank Simon, enough.

– Rob, Manchester

I’ve been working with Simon as my coach for the last months.

We’ve had some great sessions together. He’s challenged my thinking on a number of topics, which has encouraged me to reflect on my own processes and practices.

He is very calming and grounding, helping me to feel relaxed and open to the coaching process. He combines this with a supportive and encouraging approach.

I’ve enjoyed working with Simon and would definitely recommend his coaching services.

– Melanie Coeshott, Career Coach and Mentor

Simon has been supporting a member of our staff for the last 3 months and has helped them to get back on track and feel in control again. Simon is compassionate and non-judgemental and can really help you if you are struggling

– Sarah, Maidenhead

Before I started working with Simon I was struggling to clear the fog in my head and see things clearly. Our coaching sessions have enabled me to offload what’s going on in my life, clear the fog and feel like I am in control again. There are many people in my life that “hear” what I have to say, there are very few the truly listen to what I have to say but Simon hears and discusses everything with you and therefore helps clear paths in the thinking process.

Seeing Simon is often the highlight of my week, I feel comfortable talking about anything and nothing is off the cards.

– Shaun Chittendon, Maidenhead

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